Erin Heidenreich

Director-Writer-Producer of award-winning documentaries, short films, commercials and branded content.
Erin's voice has been shaped by the cultures she has immersed herself in across the globe and uses the camera to see the unseen. Her passion for stories showing alternative perspectives flows into many forms: In 2015, directing a documentary in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan for THE WAR TO BE HER (Awarded Tribeca Gucci Grant and Abigail Disney's Fork Films Grant), directing a short documentary in The Democratic Republic of the Congo for SONS OF CONGO, and narrative work including THE STORIES WE TELL OURSELVES.
Erin 2nd Unit directed for Emmy-Award winning Doug Pray's latest documentary LEVITATED MASS (Los Angeles Film Festival 2013), Executive Produced THE OTHER SHORE (SXSW Film Festival 2013), Produced MISSION CONGO (Toronto International Film Festival 2013), and Executive Produced MADE IN INDIA (Hot Docs 2010).

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THE STORIES WE TELL OURSELVES is a short film about the story of one woman deciding to be the author of her own life.

Director/Writer: Erin Heidenreich
Producers: Jana Diaz Juhl, Bristol Baughan

SONS OF CONGO is a documentary film currently in post-production.

Director: Erin Heidenreich

THE WAR TO BE HER is a documentary film about a girl and her family on the run from the Taliban. Currently in production.

Director: Erin Heidenreich

The Gates Foundation

Director: Erin Heidenreich
GOOD + Ford Cities Project: Los Angeles

Director: Erin Heidenreich
Production Co: Jefferson Projects